Learn about how to do 21 day challenges to build your list and do joint ventures with LeShawnda Fitzgerald.

LeShawnda Fitzgerald is Committed to Living Full Out. As a Mom, Teacher, Coach, Speaker, Launcher, Best Selling Author, Founder & CEO of Ready For Spanish. As a result of her expertise she hosts workshops and speaks regularly on topics relating to education, entrepreneurship, motherhood and empowerment. To learn more, visit www.leshawndafitzgerald.com/

In this episode:

03:13 – Who is LeShawnda

06:18 – How did LeShawnda get started

20:10 – Using Joint Venture Partnerships to grow your business

28:19 – Steps you can follow in doing Joint Ventures

36:55 – LeShawnda shares the results of her 21 day challenge

39:23 – The greatest benefit your business will get from Joint Ventures

41:37 – LeShawnda explains why she did the 21 day challenge

45:43 – LeShawnda talks about her program and the results you can get from it

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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