SUSAN Epstein helps coaches, therapists and healers create and fill their group coaching programs and their masterminds. Susan has been a psychotherapist, parenting coach, health coach and now business coach helping her clients create 6 figure practices without investing lots of time and money. To learn more, visit

In this episode:

03:08 – Who is Susan Epstein

05:46 – Susan busts myths on Joint Ventures

09:15 – The benefits you get when you incorporate Joint Ventures in your business

16:14 – The process Susan used to have her Joint Venture partners promote her products

20:04 – How and where can you meet potential Joint Venture partners

26:06 – The type of promotion Susan does to get clients for her program

30:00 – Did Susan write the swipe files for her Joint Venture partners

35:29 – The affiliate tracking software that Susan uses

39:50 – How does Susan keep nurturing her list

44:01 – Susan’s advice to people who don’t know what emails to send to nurture their list

47:23 – The one thing you can do now to get started with Joint Ventures

50:54 – Susan talks about her program and the results you can get from it

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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