KERRY Brown has been an entrepreneur all her life. From a successful 12 year career as a Realtor, to an international sales and marketing director, to owning her own highly successful coaching business, which she started when her son was just 1 year old. Kerry has experienced personally the ups and downs of being in business and through those experiences she is uniquely able to coach her clients to stay focused on pursuing their dreams.

Kerry is known as the Small Biz Expert and Strategist. She is a wise, results driven, inspiring and kick butt coach with hundreds of satisfied clients around the world. Kerry is a Licensed Advanced Professional Business Coach and Certified MasterMind Executive Coach with 25+ years’ experience speaking, coaching and training.

Kerry was most recently awarded Coach of the Year – Western North America Region by the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, an alliance of over 100 licensed professional business coaches.

Kerry is a woman who is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who want to play big. Kerry’s website To learn more, visit

In this episode:

04:20 – Who is Kerry Brown

06:06 – Kerry shares with us her story about from when she started to where she is today

12:26 – Kerry talks about how she started with Joint Ventures and how it helped her business grow

15:03 – Kerry talks about the Joint Venture webinars that she did and the results she got from them

19:35 – Myths that people have about Joint Ventures

25:00 – What affiliate software did Kerry use for her Joint Ventures

27:23 – What are the top three things you need to know in finding Joint Venture partners

33:55 – What is the one thing you can do right now to build relationships with possible Joint Venture partners

37:40 – Kerry shares with us her program and the results you can expect from it

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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