JULIA Stege, the Magical Marketer, helps out-of-the-box entrepreneurs and change-makers to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their Soul Tribe online.

Over her extensive career, Julia has worked with creatives and activists such as Iyanla Vanzant from Oprah's network, multi-million-dollar vegan restaurant chain Cafe Gratitude, and internationally acclaimed environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill, along with hundreds of solo-preneurs making a name for themselves online.

Her book Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution is available for you for free at www.brandingfromtheheartbook.com.

Who is Julia Stege

Julia is the “Magical Marketer.” She helps you uncover what makes you tick, what your real purpose is, and share that through your marketing in a way that attracts divinely aligned people to you from around the world.

Julia is an artist and a writer. She helps people with self-expression. People often have a hard time in describing themselves or saying what they do, and yet they’re so passionate about their gift and how they help people. However, when they talk, sometimes people get glassy-eyed because they are not understood. Because the way that they describe themselves is not compelling and real.

Julia’s role is to help people be authentic with their marketing and change the world with their gifts.

She believes that traditional marketing is not appropriate for many heart-based entrepreneurs who have a unique offering that no one else has ever done.

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Steps that Julie took to get to where she is today

Julia was a graphic designer before and she worked for a university for many years, ding their internal documents. She was also in Manhattan before that, doing stuff for large corporations and also entertainment agencies.

She found that none of those were satisfactory to her. She wanted to have an impact and not just arrange somebody’s text on a page for no reason. She also did not want to design things that tricked people or brainwashed people, which a lot of marketing is about.

Julia asked herself, “What is my authentic purpose? How can I most impact the world and not be just an invisible face on Madison Avenue?”

Her whole life has been about how to really have an impact and be fully self-expressed at the same time.

25 years ago, Julia started her first business doing t-shirts which was a very unconventional business. There she learned about sales and what people really want.

When that ended, she started her first graphic design studio business where she was designing logos and websites. She had been doing websites for about 20 years.

Then Julia found a business partner. Her partner did t-shirt printing and she did t-shirt designing. They then got into logo design and website design but then her partner decided to go a separate way and become a painter.

What Julia’s partner taught her during that time was how to get clients and she did it by cold calling people, offering them website design. Julia learned a lot about marketing during that time.

After Julia’s partner left, she was jaded about partnerships for a long time. She was stuck in a glass ceiling she created because she insisted on doing things on her own. It wasn’t that bad, she was surviving and averaging about $50,000 a year, sometimes it would go up, sometimes it would go down.

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What changed was two things:

  • ​Julia learned how to focus and offer very few things or at least tell people wht she does in a limited way.
  • She started focusing on her niche – out of the box entrepreneurs – spiritually oriented, psychic type, shaman types, coaches, artists, people that hate traditional marketing.
  • People who want to be self-expressed and doing their business for reasons of changing the world and sharing their gift.
  • Julia had identified her ideal client and started doing Joint Ventures in a very unique way.
  • She started growing her list and increasing her income.
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Julia learned about Partnering to promote each other and not just to create a business

Starting about 10 years ago, Julia had one partner who occasionally would speak to her audience and then occasionally she would speak to hers. They also had a little trickle of business between them, but that was it.

What Julia started doing about 4 years ago, was she got into a big giveaway. She started doing free webinars which helped her grow her list.

Last 2012, Julia was in a big give away, called the Done For You give away that her friend was on. She allowed her in, and she only has barely 3,000 n her list which was their cut off number. The event grew her list by 1200 people in one month. Every year since then, she had been in the Done For You give away and her list has been growing between 800 and 1200 every time.

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What do you do with your growing list

What Julia wants to talk about today is what to do once you have grown your list. A lot of people fail to do anything. The first time that she did it, she gave away too many consultations and she was totally overwhelmed with consultations.

She had to learn a few things about what she was giving away and how it impacted her and her time.

The next year, she planned a webinar to occur after the giveaway and it was really successful. A lot of people came to the webinar and she had little contests and more consultations. She also started selling websites to people from private consultations from the giveaway.

Following up with people on your list, and planning how you will do it is really, really important.

One of Julia’s clients, spent $10,000 on a coach to teach her how to do a telesummit. She did a very successful telesummit with 9 partners and grew her list by about 2500. She also spent another 5 to 6 thousand dollars for admin and stuff. However, she did not make a single penny. Her coach did not give her plan on what to do after the telesummit.

This shocked Julia. Her client was charged $10,000 on how to do a telesummit but was not taught about how to do a follow up.

There’s so much to do in the launch and it is understandable that you make this mistake. You’re exhausted and by the time that the launch is over, you wouldn’t want to do another mailing in your life. You will also think that your list must be sick of you too.

Julia believes highly in what Justin Livingston said, “In what other world does withholding communication from somebody show that you love them?” And here we are, feeling that we should withhold communication to our list because we love them. That is wrong!

Make sure that the communications that you send are highly valuable. Julia is still on the list of people whom she does not any intention of buying from.

Why does she still stay on their list?

She goes and tries to unsubscribe but their letters are so good, that she frequently opts in to whatever they’re telling her. She can’t bring herself to unsubscribe because the letter is so valuable. These people really know how to nurture their relationship with their list. They know how to provide super valuable content and that’s what we need to do as well.

You need to have a plan for what you’re doing after the launch.

Julia knows that a lot of coaches are excited when their clients do a really big launch. She knows that $10,000 coach was really excited when her client, who has not even finished her website yet, was going to do a huge telesummit. The coach was going to get paid.

But if her client had come to her in advance, and asked for her opinion, Julia would have said that she didn’t think that it was good timing. Because she had not finished her brand yet.

It was a fantastic telesummit, but she was not able to leverage it at all. Julia feels that she is not a small thinker, but she is a pragmatist at times. With the kind of Joint Ventures that she enjoys, are the one on one promotions and really fun giveaways, podcasts, telesummits, where she’s informing people on new things.

Julia had purchased paid launches from some big partners and she found them really exhausting. She found it really intense. She does not know how the majority of us will benefit from something like it, unless we have done a lot of smaller launches.

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Lies People believe about doing Joint Ventures

When Marie asks one of her guests about the top lies people believe about Joint Ventures, Julia thinks that one of them is doing a huge launch right off the bat.

Or the other one, is that you’re not ready to do it. There’s the always I’m ever ready. You never will be ready, you have to actually do it before you’re ready.

Julia did not think that she was ready. She did it and then she learnt about what she needed to do next time. You can’t know in advance what you have to do next time.

Julia had made mistakes too and it can get overwhelming, agreeing to too many things. She did it again last May. Planning out your calendar with a little bit of space in it is important.

Julia also says that she had been getting good results with properly aligned single partners.

Julia has a friend, Julie Ann Turner who helps people uncover their genius. She had Julie give a webinar to her people on “Seven Reasons your Website isn’t Converting Your Perfect Customers.” They had several people who attended the webinar apply for private sessions with her, which she gave away as a prize, and they had to compete for it so it was fun. From that, she had about six conversations with her partner’s top clients and two of them purchased some high end service from her. One client is fantastic and two is even better.

Julia did the same thing with Sheila Paxton a few weeks ago and it was similar. They’re not getting huge numbers, they got around 35 people to register from a couple of mailings, around 10 – 15 people showed up for the live webinar and about 5 -6 of them applied for a session. From there, she has a conversion rate of around 20% – 30%.

You don’t have to think of Joint Venture as selling a program. Because if you find a person you are aligned with and you position it well, they will respond.

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Julia shares steps you can use for Joint Ventures

Julia met a fellow at a Joint Venture event, he has a 25,000 person list and he does book coaching and production. He has done this by creating a system that makes it easy for him, to show up on anyone’s list and offer a webinar. He just has a whole system of meeting people, getting them to exchange and here’s some steps of that he did.

1st is do a webinar on a Thursday. They just do an email about on a Monday. So it’s not a week’s notice anymore. Just 3 days. 3 mailings in 3 days.

2nd is there’s a follow up sequence of letters, which goes out to those people who registered for the webinar. The emails invites them for private sessions.

Julia sets up webinars with time limits on replays and then a special offer for a session that’s valued a certain amount, where she waives the fee.

Julia found this to be a totally sustainable method. Once you set it up, it would be very easy to duplicate it with your other partners. You just have to have the follow up letters done in advance and you provide to the partner who is mailing for you.

This is a lot easier to do than a program Julia thinks.

Just tell your list of people about somebody really cool. Tell them why he’s cool. Why will they want to listen to this person. Then invite them to a webinar and you’re promoting somebody and somebody needs to promote you.

Even if you have a list of 30 people. Find somebody with a list of about 30 people. Call every single one of those people. Invite them to come to a webinar.

Julia before had a GoToWebinar room that only allowed 15 people in it. 15 people would come to the webinar and she would sell like 3 things or 4 things. These little webinars kept her going. They got her rolling and she got clients that way.

Don’t be ashamed to do little launches.

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Julia tells us about her program

Julia calls her program the “Rebel MBA: The Marketing and Business Academy for Women Who Won’t be Silent.” They are launching it in late August and the classes start on September 12.

Everyone is welcome, especially aspiring entrepreneurs and newbies, and people who are newly going online with their business.

They are providing an entire marketing and business academy. They would love to have super rebellious women entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Also out of the box entrepreneurs, people with a completely different paradigm for healing or transformation, creating peace and joy, cleaning up the environment, protecting the environment and just overall, giving women a voice to truly share their purpose and their vision that is required for us to create the world that we’re desiring and to stop driving this planet over a cliff.

They also have ideas of partnering women in the academy with scholarship recipients from around the world. Julia has a connection in Rowanda who feels that we can attract women from various countries in Africa who would be interested in learning online business and partner the people who are paying for the program with people who are receiving the scholarships.

They also want to create a non-profit that offers seed funding to businesswomen around the world who have a vision on how to impact change.

There is Facebook group called Rebel Marketing for Women who Won’t be Silent.

You can join that group. They will be making all the announcements within the Facebook group.

They will start from business planning which nobody does online usually because they all talk about marketing, they don’t talk about a solid business plan. We’re going to do the business vision, the traction plan and the business planning. And then branding, creating your online marketing and website, and then sacred sales.

It’s a full six months program to get your business started online and then we’ll have an ongoing membership for all the rebels who want to stay connected. They’ll probably have a rebel JV thing too.

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Julia’s parting words

Julia’s Rebel program stems from her and her clients being squished to fit in a box when it comes to marketing or having a business online. Even creating businesses that fulfill their purpose.

She loves the idea of sharing themselves authentically, attracting like-minded people, which Julia calls her soul tribe.

When you attract your soul tribe it might be clients, it might be Joint Venture partners, it might be even a loose partnership, like a one-time thing like a promo buddy.

Doing stuff that’s authentic with people like you is so fulfilling.

Julia believes that even though all our coaches like us to think big, I like to think sustainable. What can you do now or ongoingly?

Julia wants you to have the power to express yourself in a way that engages your tribe around the world. Wherever she can share this to one or two people gathered is worth her time and it’s a fulfillment of her purpose.

Don’t worry about how many people are there or aren’t there, it’s like an ego thing. It’s not about that. It’s getting your message out in a way that impacts people’s lives.

Julia tells us to do our best and to acknowledge ourselves for everytime that we get to share our purpose with people. Whether it’s one or a hundred, or a thousand or ten thousand or a million.

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