In this episode, Jerica Glasper shares with us her experience in doing Joint Ventures and profiting from it even if you are a newbie.

Jerica Glasper is a nationally recognized business marketing mentor and PR/media strategist for success-driven women entrepreneurs. She has been seen on media outlets like Google, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and hundreds of others.

Jerica is the creator of Master Your Online Omnipresence™ and Get Massive Media Exposure NOW™ which are exclusive trainings dedicated to helping women entrepreneur’s build their online authority, get media exposure and get clients. Her high-impact “Teach Reach & Prosper Formula” has inspired and empowered women to authentically share their big message on a global scale, serve others and grow a thriving business. To learn more, visit

Who is Jerica Glasper

Jerica is a born entrepreneur. She used to sell her coloring book pictures door to door. She has been an entrepreneur for as long as she can remember.

She started her first company when she was 24 years old. It was a training and development company for business owners that had tax businesses and for their employees as well.

In her current business, she helps women entrepreneurs gain more publicity for their business.

She started off in the corporate world, got into leadership, and she did a lot of training and development in corporate America. She got laid off from her job and that is how her journey into becoming fully self-employed started.

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Jerica busts some myths about PR and Media

A common misconception that people have to get into the media is that they have to be a celebrity, they have to have a million dollar business, they have to have the best products in the world and that they have to have connections at the media outlet.

That is not true. You can be just starting out and you don’t need connections. All it takes is for you to have a business and a Why that is bigger than your product.

Jerica’s Why is to see women prosper financially, spiritually, and their families. Be able to take vacations, be able to home with their kids and pick them up at school. Find an angle that resonates with the audience you will reach through the media.

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What was the biggest result that Jerica got when she did her first Joint Venture promotion

Jerica at first did not about the internet world and even online marketing.

She got certified in the area of online marketing, she then reached out to a community college and came up with a contract and a presentation for them She went to the dean of the college ad advised them they that they need her to reach a certain market and offered a Joint Venture partnership with them. This was her first Joint Venture partnership and it was offline.

She was then able to take her businesss from $0 to $30,000 in sales in about 4 months with her Joint Venture with the community college.

Jerica then went into the online world and her first online Joint Venture partner was her mentor. She helped her fill out her Pitch Huff Post masterclass. Within hours, she had almost 70 people sign up for her webinar, just from one email her JV partner sent.

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What we’re the steps that Jerica took to get Joint Venture ready

- Jerica first made sure that she had a sales funnel to send people to.

- ​She made sure that she had a landing page and that the landing page went to the webinar registration. She also made sure that once they we’re registered, that they were invited to her Facebook group. Then they receive a series of reminder emails about the webinar.

- She also made sure that the emails for her coach we’re all written out.

- This will ensure that she did not have to do the work anymore or pay her VA to do the work. She made sure that she had a swipe copy for the email so they just copy it and paste it for their email list. She also included the pictures that would be needed.

- Jerica made sure that she was ready before she went out and reached to her mentor as a Joint Venture partner.​

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What is Jerica’s timeframe from her webinar promotion to her webinar

Jerica makes sure that she does the webinar within the same week. She thinks that it is a good idea that while your audience is a hot lead at that same week, to go ahead and do the webinar then.

It’s still enough time for the people to remain engaged. You also should send email reminders about the awesome stuff you will be sharing with them so that they are constantly reminded of it.

Jerica used bitly links for her mentor. She did not have an affiliate software yet. What she used was bitly to see how many times her webinar links were clicked. She was lucky that her mentor was not in it for the commissions but was genuinely wanting to help her promote her product.

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- Make sure that your list knows who you are.

- Send an email and take the time to introduce who you are as a person and what you do.
- What are your hobbies?
- What are your passions?
- Jerica shares with her list what her interests are and she invites them to reply to her about their interests too.

- Make sure that you are giving value.

- They came to you because you are an expert in a certain area so you need to make sure that you provide that value.
- Make sure you give them tons of value and that you’re sending them resources.​

As soon as someone opts in, Jerica has a sequence for them and if they do not buy from her, she also has a sequence for that.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper -

Jerica has not gotten to list segmentation yet. What she does right now is she tags her contacts if they opened a certain email or if they attended the webinar.

She uses Aweber now and keeps it simple because it’s not her area of genius.

What you can do right this minute, as soon as you finish listening to the podcast is that if you have a freebie or a free assessment, write down the top 5 people that you would like to work with.

Then you reach out to those people and tell them that you have something that you believe will benefit your community and if they have something that they believe that you can share with your community, then you would love to do the same thing because you have a mutual audience.

Share something of value with someone else.

The reason Jerica is saying this is because her coach gets a lot of people who send in their freebies. People are reaching out to her, offering their expertise because it complements with what she does.

Find someone that complements what you do, see if you can offer your freebie as a bonus or value to their community, or to their program.

Jerica’s signature program is an exclusive one on one opportunity to work with a publicity coach. The name of the program is Power Publicity.

It focuses on 4 Ps – Positioning, getting in the Press, your Public Speaking and your Publicity Plan.

You and Jerica will work on a plan to get you out there into the media so you can get more public speaking engagements and events.

Jerica has a formula for speaking – Teach, Reach and Prosper. Teach your brilliance and Reach the masses so that you can Prosper. It is all about getting you out there and sharing your message.

You have to have a big message if you want to work with Jerica.

If you want to find out more about Jerica’s program, feel free to visit her website at

You can set up a 30 minute consult with her. She will do a publicity assessment with you to find out where you are, where you want to go and what plan she sees for you so you can start driving and get to where you want to go. You can get there a lot faster by using the power of media.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper -

Reflect on the fact that what you’re doing right now is a God given gift, it’s a God given talent and no one can do it like you can do it.

Never compare yourself to who you see online. You don’t know how long it took them to get there. Just know that your journey is for you and that you can speed up your journey.

You just have to make sure that:

- You hire a mentor.

- Not ​only are you hiring your mentor but you are hiring all of the mentors that they had as well. You can’t go wrong with mentorship.

- ​Whatever you’re here to do, don’t give up on that.

​- Don’t give up on your journey.

- ​Know that you can get to where you want to go but you need to have the right people on your team and you need to do the right things to bring you the results.