Today's case study features Sheila Paxton. Her recent launch called Passive Income Global Reach, garnered 125 opt ins with one JV partner.

Sheila is the go to person for coaches, speakers and authors who want to elevate their impact and amplify their profits by certifying others to deliver their proven and profitable programs.

Clients create new, reliable and repeatable revenue streams that unleash their brilliance, make a much larger impact and more success with greater ease.

Sheila discovered a path to certification out of a need to multiply her own upside quickly. Scores and scores of happy coaches have leveraged their impact, income and influence by successfully certifying their methods with Sheila's proven Program Certification Formula.

Sheila is on a mission to empower thousands of enterprising coaches and experts around the world to welcome the freedom and prosperity that Program Certification provides.

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Who is Sheila Paxton

​Sheila is a serial entrepreneur. She has been in business for herself for most of her career.

She did start with corporate positions and she had been involved with technology and the internet when it was very, very young. She had a large technology based training company that she sold and then she went into coaching.

Sheila started with relationship coaching and developed her own program which was called Fit for Love. She worked with people who had some kind of failures in relationships - they weren't able to find the right match, cannot sustain their relationship.

She then gave birth to her current program, the Program Certification Formula.​

​The turning point in Sheila's life that made her start her own business

Once Sheila had developed her proprietary program, she had a pretty good clientbase. She was able to work virtually with people and she uses Zoom (for videoconferences) so she could see her clients.

However, her plate was full and she could not take on more clients. She also realizedthat she had hit an income ceiling. She needed a way to:

  • ​Find out how she could leverage her products.
  • How can she get her product out to more people.
  • How can she build a much larger organization than just she doing coaching.

Sheila then received an email from one of the experts and founders in the field aboutdoing a Joint Venture from Rich and Milana. It was saying that she was probably a solopreneur, and wouldn't it be nice if she could develop relationships with people whohad a similar audience as hers. So they can support each other and to get the word out to a much larger audience.

It was the first time that they had launched the Joint Venture Insiders Circle. Sheilajoined and it was a complete business and life changer for her.

What were the steps that Sheila took when she did her first Joint Venture

  • ​Sheila started to research for people who were in similar fields at her.
  • She then developed a brand promise for her program. It said that, "In Fit forLove, that we promise, by the end of our work together, that you will have theskills and tools, to find the right relationships and to maintain them in a beautiful and loving manner."
    • It was like having a pitch together really outlined what she promised andthen how she did it, and then how she was unique.

Sheila had a successful program, she had clients who were thrilled with her work and she had testimonials. She then took a step back and thought of what made her different and what would be the benefit for Joint Venture partners to promote her.

How did Sheila prepare before approaching her potential Joint Venture Partners​

Sheila made sure that she knows exactly the benefits of her program for her Joint Venture Partners' list. How would it benefit their list? How would it be congruent for them to mail for me?​

She also set up her affiliate system. She needed to track the leads that she will get from her JV partner. It would generate reports on their progress, their sales.

Sheila made sure she completed those steps before she ever approached a Joint Venture Partner.​

She also knew that she needed to have a good copy that she can send her JV partners to mail out, to get people to join her webinar, which led into selling her programs.​

​She then needed to set up a follow up campaign. She needed to be able to tell a Joint Venture partner that the people who opt in to her list won't be lost and that she will follow up with them. She needed to show that she had a strong follow up system which will guarantee that they will have the highest sales possible.

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What were the results that Sheila got with her Joint Ventures

Sheila had success working with Joint Venture Partners because she focused on how she can serve them.

With her recent launch, she left the relationship space because she now has learned how to leverage her relationship content and start certifying other coaches to be fit to be love coaches.​

She then launched her Program Certification Formula.

What does Sheila do when she approaches a Joint Venture Partner​

She first has a getting to know you conversation. What does he/she do? What are his/her business goals? How can somebody with skills that she has support him/her?What are the marketing activities he/she has for the year?​

Then she talks about her business a little bit and advise him/her that she would like to keep in touch and that she is developing her marketing schedule for the next six months and then asks if they can support each other.​

She does one partner at a time.

She gets to know them, she gets to know their list, and she can develop customized swipe copy for them based on what his /her list responds to.​

She then gives them her offer - her program price point and the commission percentage she's offering. She tells them that she does not have a big list but she has a nice, responsive list.​

She then also offers a free enrollment to her program because she knows that they are interested in certifying other for his/her program.​

Sheila looks into what she has, besides money, that would be attractive to a Joint Venture Partner.​

They then did a webinar together, where her JV Partner interviewed Sheila.

They had fabulous interaction from the people who attended and encouraged questions and answers.​

Sheila had prepared content and her JV Partner prepared questions to ask her.

The webinar lead to a lot of leads that they followed up with. They then ultimately made 3 sales within the first 2 days after the program. They are still continuing to follow up on the list of people who had registered so they can see what Sheila had that would fit their need.​

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton -

Sheila looks into what she has, besides money that would be attractive to a Joint Venture Partner.

​Would Sheila recommend Joint Ventures for you


Sheila explains that doing Joint Ventures is the easiest way for her to grow her credibility and reach. However, there is also an expense, because you give away a substantial portion of your earnings in commissions.​

As Sheila's business matures, she is looking for other ways to get the message out where the commissions may not be as high, but having Joint Venture Partners is what helped her be where she is in her business now.​

She runs a successful business, she loves what she does and she gets to take time offs. Her business became a serious business when she started doing Joint Ventures.​

Joint Ventures is another great marketing platform aside from Facebook Marketing, SEO, and blogging. You should not put all your eggs in one basket because that is very risky.

You have to find other ways to constantly get leads and traffic. You have to widen your reach and spread your message.

Do not think that Joint Ventures is just the only way. It is one of the many ways and it is one of the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow your business.

Your sphere of influence is also growing with Joint Ventures.

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton -

Sheila walks you through the steps in launching your first Joint Venture

This is the system that Sheila uses which worked for her.​

  • Do a little inner work first.
  • Take a step back because it can get you very excited and will make you become "You" focused.
  • Develop a level of respect for every single person that you approach.
  • ​That they have a gift that they bring to the world and you are asking them to share some of the results of their gift and their hard work with you.
  • Get to know them as people.
  • Do not rush.
  • ​If you approach a Joint Venture partner and you are not ready, and the launch that you do with them does not go well, you can never take that back.
  • Take the time to build your system. Build a foundation that's strong and nota foundation on sand.
  • Look at the product you have or the approach you have.
  • Does it perform?
  • Do you have some metrics with other clients, that show that your product works?
  • Sheila had people approach her about doing Joint Ventures. When she asks them about the numbers or statistics of their success, she receives no response.
  • You need to make sure that you believe on what you are presenting to your list.
  • Do you have internal systems to support what you want to happen?
  • In building a list, do you have freebies to give to encourage people to opt-in?
  • Sheila usually gives away a free product or free webinar.
  • Do you have those things in place to attract and keep your leads for your Joint Venture Partner?
  • Sheila uses Infusionsoft and had set up affiliate tracking, so that the sales she made were credited to the correct person.
  • She also has a modified swipe copy for every Joint Venture she had.
  • She used Leadpages to set up beautiful sales pages.
  • She then set up an autoresponder mailing to follow up with people once they have gone through her webinar.

It was a lot of work, but her Joint Venture partners were thrilled because she had come to them prepared to take care of their list.

I didn't have my list in the beginning. I tested my offers using Facebook ads. Test everything like your headline, your opt-in pages, images, test the conversion using FB ads.

You don't need to spend thousands for it.

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What are the objections that Sheila gets on getting JV ready

The biggest objection is based on your belief on the performance of your program.​ Have something that makes you understand who a good market is.

You need to prepare before you get into a conversation with a potential JV partner. Sheila goes on their website, see what their values are based on what they present.

Having no knowledge of you potential JV Partner is the biggest most common mistake that people make.​

What's the one thing you can do right away to become JV ready​

Sheila suggest that you should develop a lead magnet - a free report, an e-book, a free program.​

Have something you really feel good about that will be a gift for somebody for opting in and to start to entice them to work with you and see you as an expert in your field.​

That is something that you can do right now.

Along with that, you can develop a sales page that has your offer. Develop your product and your sales page. Be ready to at least to take that step before you talk to people.​

Sheila talks about her program - who is it for, what its benefits are and where can you learn more about it​

Sheila decided to develop a certification program because she wanted to have more time to leverage new products and not do all the one on one work. She has a very strong instructional design background, product development, and for her developing that kind of program was easy.​

She trained other relationship coaches to be Fit for Love certified. She wanted the credibility, so that people know that the coaches are certified by her.​

She approached the International Coach Federation, which is the largest coaching group in the world and asked them what the requirements are and how to be accredited and approved by them.​

Sheila completed the requirements and got accredited. She can then use the International Coach Federation logo on her website which hugely adds to its credibility.She was also put in their course catalog and they have 40,000 members.​

When she did free programs and webinars, she was put on their events calendar. She put together this great program and had third party endorsement, and she started training other coaches.​

Some of her colleagues that she had shared with what she's doing, approached her and asked her if she could show them how to do it. So her next idea was born and now she has the Program Certification Formula.​

She works now with people who are either an expert, that have a unique approach,that's tried and true with clients. Or with coaches who already have a unique signature program. She then teaches them to leverage what they have to be able to get passive income and also to expand their impact.​

Sheila is only one person, she could only reach so many. But now there are certified Fit for Love coaches in 13 different countries.​

When she works with people, she gives them step by step instructions, exactly what she did for her Fit for Love Program.​

There is competency development so that you can make sure that your coaches have the same competency that you do. These coaches become your brand ambassadors,so you have to be careful and make sure that they're ready to deliver the program.​

I take people and I help them take their great ideas and great content, and turn it into a program where they certify others to teach it. They also learn how to license it and then they learn exactly how to get it accredited by the International Coach Federation or by other accrediting bodies.​

The step by step process that took Sheila thousands of dollars to research and put together is available in her very simple package - Program Certification Formula.​

Sheila trains you in working with the clients. She does the training of the other coaches and you are certified to work with as many "gazillion" clients as you want. The system you will use is all online, so you can work with clients around the globe.​

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton -

Where can you learn more about Sheila's ProgramCertification Formula

Go to Sheila's website - You can get a free report right from the website.​

Also, if you would like to arrange a complementary strategy session, you would see a Contact Us tab at the top of the website. Just fill up the form and you will be contacted to set up an appointment with her for free.​

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Sheila Paxton

Sheila Paxton is the go-to person for coaches, speakers and authors who want to elevate their impact and amplify their profits by certifying others to deliver their proven and profitable programs. Clients create new reliable and repeatable revenue streams that unleash their brilliance, make a much larger global impact, and welcome more success with greater ease.

Sheila discovered a path to certification out of the need to multiply her own upside quickly. She’ll be telling you more about that. Scores and scores of happy coaches have leveraged their impact, income and influence by successfully certifying their methods with Sheila’s proven Program Certification Formula. Sheila is on a mission to empower thousands of enterprising coaches and experts around the world to welcome the freedom and prosperity that program certification provides. To learn more, visit