JVSME 032: How To Profit By Partnering with Other Experts Doing Telesummits with Mike Broadwell

JVSME 032: How To Profit By Partnering with Other Experts Doing Telesummits with Mike Broadwell

MIKE Broadwell has created and produced multiple Joint Venture events, from telesummits to live workshops to industrial trade shows. He's even launched a JV based marketing training program, called the Breakthrough Factory. It's strategically designed to address the inherent shortcomings in "do-it-yourself" programs in an efficient and affordable manner.

An engineer by training, his many years in technical sales and marketing prepared him to handle the technical and creative aspects of Joint Venture event production. To learn more, visit http://BreakthroughFactory.com

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Who is Mike Broadwell?

Mike spent about 25 years in technical sales. He was laid off 6 years ago.

Mike got into online marketing about 10 years ago as a sideline. He wanted to learn more about it and he started learning and implementing stuff during his sales job.

It was an independent job and he was 3,000 miles from his company office. Most of the time, he was on his own, having to set his own schedule and manage his fares and everything. It kind of prepared him to being on his own and working on his own business.

He built his business slowly, working with a neighbor that he met who was working from home. His neighbor was pretty good technically and he funded her to do the work. They got into a lot of things and came across Joint Ventures about 6 years ago. Then it started to pay off.

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The turning point that made Mike decide to go full time on his business

Mike had had success in his Joint Venture project and it made it easier for him to go full time in his business. He was also burned out on the whole corporate sales process. The company he was working with was also bought out by another company and the culture changed and it made it less enjoyable.

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Mike shares with us his first Joint Venture experience

Mike’s did his first Joint Venture to run a teleseminar about energy healing or energy psychology which is an alternative healing technique.

Mike brought it up because people think that all the topics are taken. He tells them that if you look at statistics, something like 2% of the people in the US had visited a Chiropractor. Which seems really small.

Everybody knows what a chiropractor is but only 2% have been to it. So you need to think about how many people know what energy healing is. It’s probably a tiny fraction of that number.

Your topic does not have to be a huge niche. In fact, the more you can define a niche, the better you can do.

Mike had a neighbor who is very knowledgeable in alternative healing. She used to talk about working from home and Mike used to kid her that she talks all the time and that they have to monetize it and do interviews.

Mike’s neighbor did not know about energy healing although she is well versed in alternative healing. She went to a local practitioner and had a great experience which helped open her eyes to it.

When it came to choosing a topic for their teleseminar, Mike decided to niche down and chose a smaller niche which is Energy Healing for Physical Healing.

The event itself was a Joint Venture. They brought in a bunch of different speakers and experts in energy healing.

The first time, they did not make a whole lot of money – around 4,000 USD to 5,000 USD for the whole event. However, it was a good learning curve.

After that, they put together a second event. They gave themselves a two week deadline to try to get ahead of another event who had a huge following in the market and they wanted to get their teleseminar out before their competitor gained dominance of the market.

The people who attended the first event all came back and they made a quarter of a million dollars or just under that in sales.​

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Is Mike now constantly doing Joint Venture Partnerships through Tele summits

They did a total of five events. The first one was kind of a dry run, and they did not make a lot of money from it.

What happened between the first and second one was Mike met someone who was good at marketing and he/she had met another person there who was kind of the expert in telesummits. Unfortunately, Mike did not know that she was there and was not able to meet her directly. The guy had met her in the summit and had learned a lot of tips from her and actually paid her to give him the inside scoop.

This guy had put together a successful event after and he had a radio talk show host that he was working with. They were already connected to a lot of experts through her radio program. Mike partnered with the guy and he was told that he already has the back end in place and they did a Joint Venture.

He gave Mike 3 tweaks and they did pretty well. Then they started seeing problems. He had a team of people who were not very professional and they were not handling their experts very well.

They would bring on 24 experts and each of them would promote the event and they would be featured. This events usually lasts 12 weeks and they do 2 interviews per week. They would sell their products and then Mike and his team will get a commission from it.

What they found is that they were starting to really mess things up. They were not treating the experts properly. They were disorganized and did not work well together. They had a sit down with them and advised them that it isn’t right and they said that they were going to do better next time. However, it did not get better.

It ended up being a bad mess up. The bad side of doing Joint Ventures is that you can pick the wrong people.

After that, they started again from scratch. They did OK on their 5th event, but they needed to start over again. The events typically are very cumulative.

Overall, they made close to a million dollars from that series of events. However, due to the problems, they had to drop doing the events.

Since then, Mike had done some other joint venture events. He took the model to a local workshop. It was really interesting but it did not quite work out as Mike hoped. However, he had made great content and connections.

The big takeaways from Mike’s experience in doing Joint Ventures

You need to really think through success. When you are starting out, you usually just start and then figure out what’s going to work. Mike did not plan to have this kind of success because they were completely unknown.

What’s amazing is that his neighbor, who is a terrific interviewer, nobody on Earth knew who she was. Yet, they went into the self-help space which is dominated by people who are on the radio, are well-known, authors, etc. For Mike and his neighbor to make a presence in that market is pretty impressive.

A lot of it came down to the fact that they did a lot of things right. They also came up with a really timely topic and they niched it properly. They also had terrific people who they worked with. Their Joint Venture partners were great.

One of the lessons that Mike learned was not to let anyone handle your list. One of his partners handled the account and then decided to lock them out of their list. Because it was his name that was on the account, they were not able to get ahold of the list again. That was not smart on Mike’s part.

You can’t just rely on a contract because contracts don’t mean anything. You can go to court over them, which Mike ultimately did, and they won a huge judgement. But by then, you have already spent so much money.

Mike learned a lot of things about how the world works through Joint Ventures.

They also had let him set up the bank account which not a good move too. He controlled whether they got paid or not. This also cost them a lot of money.

They later found out that their partner did it to several other people and not just them. There are people out there that are lying in the weeds. As you get into life and as you get into things, where more money is involved, more people will get crazy. Many people act differently when there’s money on the line.

Now Mike is trying to create a program which will help people get on the right foot and protect them.

What Mike learned is that when people take your money, they have the money to go to court. If you somebody, you have some kind of advantage, but the guy did not have any ground against Mike and dropped it. Then you have to defend yourself in court. If you do not defend yourself, then you lose in default judgement.

Mike then turned around and sued him and he received a big compensation because he was in the right. But then, how do you collect the money? The guy just disappeared.

It’s a big lesson learned, but it will also make you realize that there are people who operate like this because nobody realizes it. There were actually people who called them about the guy and they still chose to work with him. Then at the end, they became upset.

It’s just a matter of being very careful and doing background checks.

Another lesson is that the technical side of things usually scares a lot of people. In Mike’s case, they could have done the technical stuff and looking back, he wishes that they could have done it.

They also did a 50-50 split with the guy who did the technical stuff. However, the technical stuff is not worth 50% of the creative enterprise in most cases, because it has a fixed value. There’s only a limited value to it and up to a certain point. The leverage point is in the creative value and in the content that you’re creating. Not in the technology side.

Mike also shares that you should not be scared of technology and run off and find somebody to take care of your technology.

Technology is getting easier and easier. Really focus on the value and the content creation. You can find a way to get the technology done. It’s not going to put you in any risk.

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How did Mike get Joint Venture ready

The biggest thing in getting ready for Joint Ventures, is to really think about the value you could provide for your partners. Because for a summit, you are getting value out of what they are providing.

They have the name recognition, they have the audience, and they have the products out there. You have to think, what can I offer of equal value or greater, that is worth their time and is a fair trade, and is a win-win for both of you.

Mike balked at creating a product for organizing summits because he did not want to flood the market with people doing summits with only half-heartedly.

Mike says that the worst thing you can do is to look like you came out of a cookie cutter program without thinking.

The speakers you will invite to your summit are important and their time is valuable. You need to respect that and show them that you understand that. Give them something that they want to be part of.

You have to think first of all, before you do anything, with any marketing or any product is the value you’re providing and how well you communicate that value. You can try to pull things over from people and just copy something but it’s a very low probability that you’re to have much of a chance of succeeding in the long run.

You need to think in terms of – what can I create that’s powerful?

You may find that there’s a Joint Venture partner who would never pay attention to you based on the amount of money you might generate for them, but if you inspire them, if you put in together something that’s really inspiring and profound, they would say that they would want to be a part of it because they want to see your message get out there.​

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Mike walks us through the technical aspects of creating a summit

Mike says that it’s not very different from any kind of online business. You have to have your shopping cart and all that stuff, you have to have your autoresponder and your email list set up. You need to have a website.

He has done the infomercial series where you have a couple of speakers per week and you’re selling stuff on the call. If you’re selling their products, there’s a couple of trade offs, one of them is let them sell them and they pay you a commission which is a lot easier. But the problem with it is that everybody has a different sales process. Depending on your audience, some of them are not very technical on their computers so they get confused.

If you’re going to take the orders, that gets a lot more complicated but the benefit is that you can have a more consistent sales process. People will learn and know how to do it eventually.

So you need a website, email autoresponder, shopping cart. What Mike also encourages you to do is to sell a lot more than the recordings. He recommends that you use a telesummit as a product launch vehicle. Create a product around a topic and have that as the main focus of the event that you’re selling plus the recordings. Make the recordings like 20% of the value.​

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The tools that Mike use

Mike uses Aweber for his autoresponder which is kind of less expensive and has good deliverability and pretty easy to use. He has used it for years and his experience had been good. He also recommends you to check the new ones available now like Convertkit and ActiveCampaign. Then there is Infusionsoft which is pretty pricey and he says that he will not start off with at the beginning.

For the shopping cart, they used One Shopping Cart. The nice thing is that it’s an email list, shopping cart and an affiliate program all rolled into one. It’s a bit more primitive but the one thing that Mike likes about it is that it has a one click upsell.

For his later events, he used something called Fusion HQ, which is kind of like Clickfunnels and it was pretty good and it’s all in one too.​

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Mike talks about his program

Mike’s program is a combination of what he learned and what he sees as missing.

It is for people who are either starting out or early on in their career online. It is designed for people who are really confident in doing something. You should have a specific knowledge that you are promoting and you want to take that knowledge and create marketing campaigns.

There’s a lot of great do it yourself programs that show you everything that you need to do. What Mike found is that they kind of skim over the important stuff.

Like really defining their core market in a very powerful way and understanding their core market and creating a message that’s unique to them. People can’t do this on their own because we are not made that way.

As human beings, we are very subjective about ourselves. We don’t understand our own strengths. We don’t understand what people see in us because it is so natural for us to be attracted to other people.

People just become our friends, when you go to a party and you meet a bunch of people and you become friends instantly. You connect with each other very well. That sort of thing is what you need to bring out online. That’s going to draw your ideal customer to you. They’re going to see the same things that the people at those party connect with. You just can’t do that on your own.

People really need some coaching and some one on one advice.

Mike’s strength is that he had been involved in hundreds of interviews that were selling products. He knows how to modify the product to make it unique for the event and give even more value.

He also has been in technical sales for 25 years and going in everyday to an engineering company and he needs to figure out quickly what their problem is, what’s going on, what does he have, what can he recommend, how can he solve their problem?

These experiences gave him a lot of ability to pull things together. He has a knack for helping people find their strengths and how to put themselves out to their market.

He also realized that people are so hung up on the technical stuff that they don’t focus on what is important. He tells them, “You are better off having a really good message that connects with people and you just zero in on it than having a pretty website and nobody can tell what you are talking about.”

Mike’s program aims to fill in the gaps on those do it yourself programs, not that there is anything wrong with them and if you have one, they have great structure.

However, he found that people just don’t know how to structure themselves, their offer, their product that are really unique to give them an edge. It’s designed to complement the online trainings or you don’t have to have one.

You can be a complete beginner and you will be putting together your own summit and all those sorts of things. It’s also for people who want to do something like a summit and want to know how to come up with a really great idea and flush it out to make it very strong.

It’s a very flexible program that is designed to give each person just what they need. It is also designed to be very cost efficient. It’s way underpriced right now because Mike is just rolling it out.

It also a Joint Venture based program because Mike has several experts who will be doing talks and trainings on what they’ve learned on various aspects of marketing in the course of doing their own businesses.

There’s a collaborative side to in that as it grows, they will have a mastermind Joint Venture group in Facebook where people can collaborate together.

You can find out more in breakthroughfactory.com​

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JVSME 031: How To Do A Single JV Partner Promotion with Julia Stege

JVSME 031: How To Do A Single JV Partner Promotion with Julia Stege

JULIA Stege, the Magical Marketer, helps out-of-the-box entrepreneurs and change-makers to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their Soul Tribe online.

Over her extensive career, Julia has worked with creatives and activists such as Iyanla Vanzant from Oprah's network, multi-million-dollar vegan restaurant chain Cafe Gratitude, and internationally acclaimed environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill, along with hundreds of solo-preneurs making a name for themselves online.

Her book Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution is available for you for free at www.brandingfromtheheartbook.com.

Who is Julia Stege

Julia is the “Magical Marketer.” She helps you uncover what makes you tick, what your real purpose is, and share that through your marketing in a way that attracts divinely aligned people to you from around the world.

Julia is an artist and a writer. She helps people with self-expression. People often have a hard time in describing themselves or saying what they do, and yet they’re so passionate about their gift and how they help people. However, when they talk, sometimes people get glassy-eyed because they are not understood. Because the way that they describe themselves is not compelling and real.

Julia’s role is to help people be authentic with their marketing and change the world with their gifts.

She believes that traditional marketing is not appropriate for many heart-based entrepreneurs who have a unique offering that no one else has ever done.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 2 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Steps that Julie took to get to where she is today

Julia was a graphic designer before and she worked for a university for many years, ding their internal documents. She was also in Manhattan before that, doing stuff for large corporations and also entertainment agencies.

She found that none of those were satisfactory to her. She wanted to have an impact and not just arrange somebody’s text on a page for no reason. She also did not want to design things that tricked people or brainwashed people, which a lot of marketing is about.

Julia asked herself, “What is my authentic purpose? How can I most impact the world and not be just an invisible face on Madison Avenue?”

Her whole life has been about how to really have an impact and be fully self-expressed at the same time.

25 years ago, Julia started her first business doing t-shirts which was a very unconventional business. There she learned about sales and what people really want.

When that ended, she started her first graphic design studio business where she was designing logos and websites. She had been doing websites for about 20 years.

Then Julia found a business partner. Her partner did t-shirt printing and she did t-shirt designing. They then got into logo design and website design but then her partner decided to go a separate way and become a painter.

What Julia’s partner taught her during that time was how to get clients and she did it by cold calling people, offering them website design. Julia learned a lot about marketing during that time.

After Julia’s partner left, she was jaded about partnerships for a long time. She was stuck in a glass ceiling she created because she insisted on doing things on her own. It wasn’t that bad, she was surviving and averaging about $50,000 a year, sometimes it would go up, sometimes it would go down.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 3 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What changed was two things:

  • ​Julia learned how to focus and offer very few things or at least tell people wht she does in a limited way.
  • She started focusing on her niche – out of the box entrepreneurs – spiritually oriented, psychic type, shaman types, coaches, artists, people that hate traditional marketing.
  • People who want to be self-expressed and doing their business for reasons of changing the world and sharing their gift.
  • Julia had identified her ideal client and started doing Joint Ventures in a very unique way.
  • She started growing her list and increasing her income.
JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 4 -https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Julia learned about Partnering to promote each other and not just to create a business

Starting about 10 years ago, Julia had one partner who occasionally would speak to her audience and then occasionally she would speak to hers. They also had a little trickle of business between them, but that was it.

What Julia started doing about 4 years ago, was she got into a big giveaway. She started doing free webinars which helped her grow her list.

Last 2012, Julia was in a big give away, called the Done For You give away that her friend was on. She allowed her in, and she only has barely 3,000 n her list which was their cut off number. The event grew her list by 1200 people in one month. Every year since then, she had been in the Done For You give away and her list has been growing between 800 and 1200 every time.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 5 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What do you do with your growing list

What Julia wants to talk about today is what to do once you have grown your list. A lot of people fail to do anything. The first time that she did it, she gave away too many consultations and she was totally overwhelmed with consultations.

She had to learn a few things about what she was giving away and how it impacted her and her time.

The next year, she planned a webinar to occur after the giveaway and it was really successful. A lot of people came to the webinar and she had little contests and more consultations. She also started selling websites to people from private consultations from the giveaway.

Following up with people on your list, and planning how you will do it is really, really important.

One of Julia’s clients, spent $10,000 on a coach to teach her how to do a telesummit. She did a very successful telesummit with 9 partners and grew her list by about 2500. She also spent another 5 to 6 thousand dollars for admin and stuff. However, she did not make a single penny. Her coach did not give her plan on what to do after the telesummit.

This shocked Julia. Her client was charged $10,000 on how to do a telesummit but was not taught about how to do a follow up.

There’s so much to do in the launch and it is understandable that you make this mistake. You’re exhausted and by the time that the launch is over, you wouldn’t want to do another mailing in your life. You will also think that your list must be sick of you too.

Julia believes highly in what Justin Livingston said, “In what other world does withholding communication from somebody show that you love them?” And here we are, feeling that we should withhold communication to our list because we love them. That is wrong!

Make sure that the communications that you send are highly valuable. Julia is still on the list of people whom she does not any intention of buying from.

Why does she still stay on their list?

She goes and tries to unsubscribe but their letters are so good, that she frequently opts in to whatever they’re telling her. She can’t bring herself to unsubscribe because the letter is so valuable. These people really know how to nurture their relationship with their list. They know how to provide super valuable content and that’s what we need to do as well.

You need to have a plan for what you’re doing after the launch.

Julia knows that a lot of coaches are excited when their clients do a really big launch. She knows that $10,000 coach was really excited when her client, who has not even finished her website yet, was going to do a huge telesummit. The coach was going to get paid.

But if her client had come to her in advance, and asked for her opinion, Julia would have said that she didn’t think that it was good timing. Because she had not finished her brand yet.

It was a fantastic telesummit, but she was not able to leverage it at all. Julia feels that she is not a small thinker, but she is a pragmatist at times. With the kind of Joint Ventures that she enjoys, are the one on one promotions and really fun giveaways, podcasts, telesummits, where she’s informing people on new things.

Julia had purchased paid launches from some big partners and she found them really exhausting. She found it really intense. She does not know how the majority of us will benefit from something like it, unless we have done a lot of smaller launches.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 6 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Lies People believe about doing Joint Ventures

When Marie asks one of her guests about the top lies people believe about Joint Ventures, Julia thinks that one of them is doing a huge launch right off the bat.

Or the other one, is that you’re not ready to do it. There’s the always I’m ever ready. You never will be ready, you have to actually do it before you’re ready.

Julia did not think that she was ready. She did it and then she learnt about what she needed to do next time. You can’t know in advance what you have to do next time.

Julia had made mistakes too and it can get overwhelming, agreeing to too many things. She did it again last May. Planning out your calendar with a little bit of space in it is important.

Julia also says that she had been getting good results with properly aligned single partners.

Julia has a friend, Julie Ann Turner who helps people uncover their genius. She had Julie give a webinar to her people on “Seven Reasons your Website isn’t Converting Your Perfect Customers.” They had several people who attended the webinar apply for private sessions with her, which she gave away as a prize, and they had to compete for it so it was fun. From that, she had about six conversations with her partner’s top clients and two of them purchased some high end service from her. One client is fantastic and two is even better.

Julia did the same thing with Sheila Paxton a few weeks ago and it was similar. They’re not getting huge numbers, they got around 35 people to register from a couple of mailings, around 10 – 15 people showed up for the live webinar and about 5 -6 of them applied for a session. From there, she has a conversion rate of around 20% – 30%.

You don’t have to think of Joint Venture as selling a program. Because if you find a person you are aligned with and you position it well, they will respond.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 7 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Julia shares steps you can use for Joint Ventures

Julia met a fellow at a Joint Venture event, he has a 25,000 person list and he does book coaching and production. He has done this by creating a system that makes it easy for him, to show up on anyone’s list and offer a webinar. He just has a whole system of meeting people, getting them to exchange and here’s some steps of that he did.

1st is do a webinar on a Thursday. They just do an email about on a Monday. So it’s not a week’s notice anymore. Just 3 days. 3 mailings in 3 days.

2nd is there’s a follow up sequence of letters, which goes out to those people who registered for the webinar. The emails invites them for private sessions.

Julia sets up webinars with time limits on replays and then a special offer for a session that’s valued a certain amount, where she waives the fee.

Julia found this to be a totally sustainable method. Once you set it up, it would be very easy to duplicate it with your other partners. You just have to have the follow up letters done in advance and you provide to the partner who is mailing for you.

This is a lot easier to do than a program Julia thinks.

Just tell your list of people about somebody really cool. Tell them why he’s cool. Why will they want to listen to this person. Then invite them to a webinar and you’re promoting somebody and somebody needs to promote you.

Even if you have a list of 30 people. Find somebody with a list of about 30 people. Call every single one of those people. Invite them to come to a webinar.

Julia before had a GoToWebinar room that only allowed 15 people in it. 15 people would come to the webinar and she would sell like 3 things or 4 things. These little webinars kept her going. They got her rolling and she got clients that way.

Don’t be ashamed to do little launches.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 8 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Julia tells us about her program

Julia calls her program the “Rebel MBA: The Marketing and Business Academy for Women Who Won’t be Silent.” They are launching it in late August and the classes start on September 12.

Everyone is welcome, especially aspiring entrepreneurs and newbies, and people who are newly going online with their business.

They are providing an entire marketing and business academy. They would love to have super rebellious women entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Also out of the box entrepreneurs, people with a completely different paradigm for healing or transformation, creating peace and joy, cleaning up the environment, protecting the environment and just overall, giving women a voice to truly share their purpose and their vision that is required for us to create the world that we’re desiring and to stop driving this planet over a cliff.

They also have ideas of partnering women in the academy with scholarship recipients from around the world. Julia has a connection in Rowanda who feels that we can attract women from various countries in Africa who would be interested in learning online business and partner the people who are paying for the program with people who are receiving the scholarships.

They also want to create a non-profit that offers seed funding to businesswomen around the world who have a vision on how to impact change.

There is Facebook group called Rebel Marketing for Women who Won’t be Silent.

You can join that group. They will be making all the announcements within the Facebook group.

They will start from business planning which nobody does online usually because they all talk about marketing, they don’t talk about a solid business plan. We’re going to do the business vision, the traction plan and the business planning. And then branding, creating your online marketing and website, and then sacred sales.

It’s a full six months program to get your business started online and then we’ll have an ongoing membership for all the rebels who want to stay connected. They’ll probably have a rebel JV thing too.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 9 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Julia’s parting words

Julia’s Rebel program stems from her and her clients being squished to fit in a box when it comes to marketing or having a business online. Even creating businesses that fulfill their purpose.

She loves the idea of sharing themselves authentically, attracting like-minded people, which Julia calls her soul tribe.

When you attract your soul tribe it might be clients, it might be Joint Venture partners, it might be even a loose partnership, like a one-time thing like a promo buddy.

Doing stuff that’s authentic with people like you is so fulfilling.

Julia believes that even though all our coaches like us to think big, I like to think sustainable. What can you do now or ongoingly?

Julia wants you to have the power to express yourself in a way that engages your tribe around the world. Wherever she can share this to one or two people gathered is worth her time and it’s a fulfillment of her purpose.

Don’t worry about how many people are there or aren’t there, it’s like an ego thing. It’s not about that. It’s getting your message out in a way that impacts people’s lives.

Julia tells us to do our best and to acknowledge ourselves for everytime that we get to share our purpose with people. Whether it’s one or a hundred, or a thousand or ten thousand or a million.

JVSME 031 with Julia Stege 10 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/
JVSME 030: How To Get JV Partners For Your Business (Even If You re A Newbie) with Jerica Glasper

JVSME 030: How To Get JV Partners For Your Business (Even If You re A Newbie) with Jerica Glasper

In this episode, Jerica Glasper shares with us her experience in doing Joint Ventures and profiting from it even if you are a newbie.

Jerica Glasper is a nationally recognized business marketing mentor and PR/media strategist for success-driven women entrepreneurs. She has been seen on media outlets like Google, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and hundreds of others.

Jerica is the creator of Master Your Online Omnipresence™ and Get Massive Media Exposure NOW™ which are exclusive trainings dedicated to helping women entrepreneur’s build their online authority, get media exposure and get clients. Her high-impact “Teach Reach & Prosper Formula” has inspired and empowered women to authentically share their big message on a global scale, serve others and grow a thriving business. To learn more, visit www.ProsperityPathfinder.com.

Who is Jerica Glasper

Jerica is a born entrepreneur. She used to sell her coloring book pictures door to door. She has been an entrepreneur for as long as she can remember.

She started her first company when she was 24 years old. It was a training and development company for business owners that had tax businesses and for their employees as well.

In her current business, she helps women entrepreneurs gain more publicity for their business.

She started off in the corporate world, got into leadership, and she did a lot of training and development in corporate America. She got laid off from her job and that is how her journey into becoming fully self-employed started.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Jerica busts some myths about PR and Media

A common misconception that people have to get into the media is that they have to be a celebrity, they have to have a million dollar business, they have to have the best products in the world and that they have to have connections at the media outlet.

That is not true. You can be just starting out and you don’t need connections. All it takes is for you to have a business and a Why that is bigger than your product.

Jerica’s Why is to see women prosper financially, spiritually, and their families. Be able to take vacations, be able to home with their kids and pick them up at school. Find an angle that resonates with the audience you will reach through the media.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What was the biggest result that Jerica got when she did her first Joint Venture promotion

Jerica at first did not about the internet world and even online marketing.

She got certified in the area of online marketing, she then reached out to a community college and came up with a contract and a presentation for them She went to the dean of the college ad advised them they that they need her to reach a certain market and offered a Joint Venture partnership with them. This was her first Joint Venture partnership and it was offline.

She was then able to take her businesss from $0 to $30,000 in sales in about 4 months with her Joint Venture with the community college.

Jerica then went into the online world and her first online Joint Venture partner was her mentor. She helped her fill out her Pitch Huff Post masterclass. Within hours, she had almost 70 people sign up for her webinar, just from one email her JV partner sent.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What we’re the steps that Jerica took to get Joint Venture ready

- Jerica first made sure that she had a sales funnel to send people to.

- ​She made sure that she had a landing page and that the landing page went to the webinar registration. She also made sure that once they we’re registered, that they were invited to her Facebook group. Then they receive a series of reminder emails about the webinar.

- She also made sure that the emails for her coach we’re all written out.

- This will ensure that she did not have to do the work anymore or pay her VA to do the work. She made sure that she had a swipe copy for the email so they just copy it and paste it for their email list. She also included the pictures that would be needed.

- Jerica made sure that she was ready before she went out and reached to her mentor as a Joint Venture partner.​

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper process - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What is Jerica’s timeframe from her webinar promotion to her webinar

Jerica makes sure that she does the webinar within the same week. She thinks that it is a good idea that while your audience is a hot lead at that same week, to go ahead and do the webinar then.

It’s still enough time for the people to remain engaged. You also should send email reminders about the awesome stuff you will be sharing with them so that they are constantly reminded of it.

Jerica used bitly links for her mentor. She did not have an affiliate software yet. What she used was bitly to see how many times her webinar links were clicked. She was lucky that her mentor was not in it for the commissions but was genuinely wanting to help her promote her product.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

- Make sure that your list knows who you are.

- Send an email and take the time to introduce who you are as a person and what you do.
- What are your hobbies?
- What are your passions?
- Jerica shares with her list what her interests are and she invites them to reply to her about their interests too.

- Make sure that you are giving value.

- They came to you because you are an expert in a certain area so you need to make sure that you provide that value.
- Make sure you give them tons of value and that you’re sending them resources.​

As soon as someone opts in, Jerica has a sequence for them and if they do not buy from her, she also has a sequence for that.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Jerica has not gotten to list segmentation yet. What she does right now is she tags her contacts if they opened a certain email or if they attended the webinar.

She uses Aweber now and keeps it simple because it’s not her area of genius.

What you can do right this minute, as soon as you finish listening to the podcast is that if you have a freebie or a free assessment, write down the top 5 people that you would like to work with.

Then you reach out to those people and tell them that you have something that you believe will benefit your community and if they have something that they believe that you can share with your community, then you would love to do the same thing because you have a mutual audience.

Share something of value with someone else.

The reason Jerica is saying this is because her coach gets a lot of people who send in their freebies. People are reaching out to her, offering their expertise because it complements with what she does.

Find someone that complements what you do, see if you can offer your freebie as a bonus or value to their community, or to their program.

Jerica’s signature program is an exclusive one on one opportunity to work with a publicity coach. The name of the program is Power Publicity.

It focuses on 4 Ps – Positioning, getting in the Press, your Public Speaking and your Publicity Plan.

You and Jerica will work on a plan to get you out there into the media so you can get more public speaking engagements and events.

Jerica has a formula for speaking – Teach, Reach and Prosper. Teach your brilliance and Reach the masses so that you can Prosper. It is all about getting you out there and sharing your message.

You have to have a big message if you want to work with Jerica.

If you want to find out more about Jerica’s program, feel free to visit her website at prosperitypathfinder.com.

You can set up a 30 minute consult with her. She will do a publicity assessment with you to find out where you are, where you want to go and what plan she sees for you so you can start driving and get to where you want to go. You can get there a lot faster by using the power of media.

JVSME 030 with Jerica Glasper - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Reflect on the fact that what you’re doing right now is a God given gift, it’s a God given talent and no one can do it like you can do it.

Never compare yourself to who you see online. You don’t know how long it took them to get there. Just know that your journey is for you and that you can speed up your journey.

You just have to make sure that:

- You hire a mentor.

- Not ​only are you hiring your mentor but you are hiring all of the mentors that they had as well. You can’t go wrong with mentorship.

- ​Whatever you’re here to do, don’t give up on that.

​- Don’t give up on your journey.

- ​Know that you can get to where you want to go but you need to have the right people on your team and you need to do the right things to bring you the results.

JVSME 029: Case Study: How A Certification Coach Leveraged JV Partners To Grow Her Practice with Sheila Paxton

JVSME 029: Case Study: How A Certification Coach Leveraged JV Partners To Grow Her Practice with Sheila Paxton

Today's case study features Sheila Paxton. Her recent launch called Passive Income Global Reach, garnered 125 opt ins with one JV partner.

Sheila is the go to person for coaches, speakers and authors who want to elevate their impact and amplify their profits by certifying others to deliver their proven and profitable programs.

Clients create new, reliable and repeatable revenue streams that unleash their brilliance, make a much larger impact and more success with greater ease.

Sheila discovered a path to certification out of a need to multiply her own upside quickly. Scores and scores of happy coaches have leveraged their impact, income and influence by successfully certifying their methods with Sheila's proven Program Certification Formula.

Sheila is on a mission to empower thousands of enterprising coaches and experts around the world to welcome the freedom and prosperity that Program Certification provides.

To learn more, visit: www.sheilapaxton.com.

Who is Sheila Paxton

​Sheila is a serial entrepreneur. She has been in business for herself for most of her career.

She did start with corporate positions and she had been involved with technology and the internet when it was very, very young. She had a large technology based training company that she sold and then she went into coaching.

Sheila started with relationship coaching and developed her own program which was called Fit for Love. She worked with people who had some kind of failures in relationships - they weren't able to find the right match, cannot sustain their relationship.

She then gave birth to her current program, the Program Certification Formula.​

​The turning point in Sheila's life that made her start her own business

Once Sheila had developed her proprietary program, she had a pretty good clientbase. She was able to work virtually with people and she uses Zoom (for videoconferences) so she could see her clients.

However, her plate was full and she could not take on more clients. She also realizedthat she had hit an income ceiling. She needed a way to:

  • ​Find out how she could leverage her products.
  • How can she get her product out to more people.
  • How can she build a much larger organization than just she doing coaching.

Sheila then received an email from one of the experts and founders in the field aboutdoing a Joint Venture from Rich and Milana. It was saying that she was probably a solopreneur, and wouldn't it be nice if she could develop relationships with people whohad a similar audience as hers. So they can support each other and to get the word out to a much larger audience.

It was the first time that they had launched the Joint Venture Insiders Circle. Sheilajoined and it was a complete business and life changer for her.

What were the steps that Sheila took when she did her first Joint Venture

  • ​Sheila started to research for people who were in similar fields at her.
  • She then developed a brand promise for her program. It said that, "In Fit forLove, that we promise, by the end of our work together, that you will have theskills and tools, to find the right relationships and to maintain them in a beautiful and loving manner."
    • It was like having a pitch together really outlined what she promised andthen how she did it, and then how she was unique.

Sheila had a successful program, she had clients who were thrilled with her work and she had testimonials. She then took a step back and thought of what made her different and what would be the benefit for Joint Venture partners to promote her.

How did Sheila prepare before approaching her potential Joint Venture Partners​

Sheila made sure that she knows exactly the benefits of her program for her Joint Venture Partners' list. How would it benefit their list? How would it be congruent for them to mail for me?​

She also set up her affiliate system. She needed to track the leads that she will get from her JV partner. It would generate reports on their progress, their sales.

Sheila made sure she completed those steps before she ever approached a Joint Venture Partner.​

She also knew that she needed to have a good copy that she can send her JV partners to mail out, to get people to join her webinar, which led into selling her programs.​

​She then needed to set up a follow up campaign. She needed to be able to tell a Joint Venture partner that the people who opt in to her list won't be lost and that she will follow up with them. She needed to show that she had a strong follow up system which will guarantee that they will have the highest sales possible.

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What were the results that Sheila got with her Joint Ventures

Sheila had success working with Joint Venture Partners because she focused on how she can serve them.

With her recent launch, she left the relationship space because she now has learned how to leverage her relationship content and start certifying other coaches to be fit to be love coaches.​

She then launched her Program Certification Formula.

What does Sheila do when she approaches a Joint Venture Partner​

She first has a getting to know you conversation. What does he/she do? What are his/her business goals? How can somebody with skills that she has support him/her?What are the marketing activities he/she has for the year?​

Then she talks about her business a little bit and advise him/her that she would like to keep in touch and that she is developing her marketing schedule for the next six months and then asks if they can support each other.​

She does one partner at a time.

She gets to know them, she gets to know their list, and she can develop customized swipe copy for them based on what his /her list responds to.​

She then gives them her offer - her program price point and the commission percentage she's offering. She tells them that she does not have a big list but she has a nice, responsive list.​

She then also offers a free enrollment to her program because she knows that they are interested in certifying other for his/her program.​

Sheila looks into what she has, besides money, that would be attractive to a Joint Venture Partner.​

They then did a webinar together, where her JV Partner interviewed Sheila.

They had fabulous interaction from the people who attended and encouraged questions and answers.​

Sheila had prepared content and her JV Partner prepared questions to ask her.

The webinar lead to a lot of leads that they followed up with. They then ultimately made 3 sales within the first 2 days after the program. They are still continuing to follow up on the list of people who had registered so they can see what Sheila had that would fit their need.​

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Sheila looks into what she has, besides money that would be attractive to a Joint Venture Partner.

​Would Sheila recommend Joint Ventures for you


Sheila explains that doing Joint Ventures is the easiest way for her to grow her credibility and reach. However, there is also an expense, because you give away a substantial portion of your earnings in commissions.​

As Sheila's business matures, she is looking for other ways to get the message out where the commissions may not be as high, but having Joint Venture Partners is what helped her be where she is in her business now.​

She runs a successful business, she loves what she does and she gets to take time offs. Her business became a serious business when she started doing Joint Ventures.​

Joint Ventures is another great marketing platform aside from Facebook Marketing, SEO, and blogging. You should not put all your eggs in one basket because that is very risky.

You have to find other ways to constantly get leads and traffic. You have to widen your reach and spread your message.

Do not think that Joint Ventures is just the only way. It is one of the many ways and it is one of the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow your business.

Your sphere of influence is also growing with Joint Ventures.

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Sheila walks you through the steps in launching your first Joint Venture

This is the system that Sheila uses which worked for her.​

  • Do a little inner work first.
  • Take a step back because it can get you very excited and will make you become "You" focused.
  • Develop a level of respect for every single person that you approach.
  • ​That they have a gift that they bring to the world and you are asking them to share some of the results of their gift and their hard work with you.
  • Get to know them as people.
  • Do not rush.
  • ​If you approach a Joint Venture partner and you are not ready, and the launch that you do with them does not go well, you can never take that back.
  • Take the time to build your system. Build a foundation that's strong and nota foundation on sand.
  • Look at the product you have or the approach you have.
  • Does it perform?
  • Do you have some metrics with other clients, that show that your product works?
  • Sheila had people approach her about doing Joint Ventures. When she asks them about the numbers or statistics of their success, she receives no response.
  • You need to make sure that you believe on what you are presenting to your list.
  • Do you have internal systems to support what you want to happen?
  • In building a list, do you have freebies to give to encourage people to opt-in?
  • Sheila usually gives away a free product or free webinar.
  • Do you have those things in place to attract and keep your leads for your Joint Venture Partner?
  • Sheila uses Infusionsoft and had set up affiliate tracking, so that the sales she made were credited to the correct person.
  • She also has a modified swipe copy for every Joint Venture she had.
  • She used Leadpages to set up beautiful sales pages.
  • She then set up an autoresponder mailing to follow up with people once they have gone through her webinar.

It was a lot of work, but her Joint Venture partners were thrilled because she had come to them prepared to take care of their list.

I didn't have my list in the beginning. I tested my offers using Facebook ads. Test everything like your headline, your opt-in pages, images, test the conversion using FB ads.

You don't need to spend thousands for it.

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

What are the objections that Sheila gets on getting JV ready

The biggest objection is based on your belief on the performance of your program.​ Have something that makes you understand who a good market is.

You need to prepare before you get into a conversation with a potential JV partner. Sheila goes on their website, see what their values are based on what they present.

Having no knowledge of you potential JV Partner is the biggest most common mistake that people make.​

What's the one thing you can do right away to become JV ready​

Sheila suggest that you should develop a lead magnet - a free report, an e-book, a free program.​

Have something you really feel good about that will be a gift for somebody for opting in and to start to entice them to work with you and see you as an expert in your field.​

That is something that you can do right now.

Along with that, you can develop a sales page that has your offer. Develop your product and your sales page. Be ready to at least to take that step before you talk to people.​

Sheila talks about her program - who is it for, what its benefits are and where can you learn more about it​

Sheila decided to develop a certification program because she wanted to have more time to leverage new products and not do all the one on one work. She has a very strong instructional design background, product development, and for her developing that kind of program was easy.​

She trained other relationship coaches to be Fit for Love certified. She wanted the credibility, so that people know that the coaches are certified by her.​

She approached the International Coach Federation, which is the largest coaching group in the world and asked them what the requirements are and how to be accredited and approved by them.​

Sheila completed the requirements and got accredited. She can then use the International Coach Federation logo on her website which hugely adds to its credibility.She was also put in their course catalog and they have 40,000 members.​

When she did free programs and webinars, she was put on their events calendar. She put together this great program and had third party endorsement, and she started training other coaches.​

Some of her colleagues that she had shared with what she's doing, approached her and asked her if she could show them how to do it. So her next idea was born and now she has the Program Certification Formula.​

She works now with people who are either an expert, that have a unique approach,that's tried and true with clients. Or with coaches who already have a unique signature program. She then teaches them to leverage what they have to be able to get passive income and also to expand their impact.​

Sheila is only one person, she could only reach so many. But now there are certified Fit for Love coaches in 13 different countries.​

When she works with people, she gives them step by step instructions, exactly what she did for her Fit for Love Program.​

There is competency development so that you can make sure that your coaches have the same competency that you do. These coaches become your brand ambassadors,so you have to be careful and make sure that they're ready to deliver the program.​

I take people and I help them take their great ideas and great content, and turn it into a program where they certify others to teach it. They also learn how to license it and then they learn exactly how to get it accredited by the International Coach Federation or by other accrediting bodies.​

The step by step process that took Sheila thousands of dollars to research and put together is available in her very simple package - Program Certification Formula.​

Sheila trains you in working with the clients. She does the training of the other coaches and you are certified to work with as many "gazillion" clients as you want. The system you will use is all online, so you can work with clients around the globe.​

JVSME 029 with Sheila Paxton - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

Where can you learn more about Sheila's ProgramCertification Formula

Go to Sheila's website - programcertificationformula.com. You can get a free report right from the website.​

Also, if you would like to arrange a complementary strategy session, you would see a Contact Us tab at the top of the website. Just fill up the form and you will be contacted to set up an appointment with her for free.​

Links in the podcast:​

Sheila Paxton

Sheila Paxton is the go-to person for coaches, speakers and authors who want to elevate their impact and amplify their profits by certifying others to deliver their proven and profitable programs. Clients create new reliable and repeatable revenue streams that unleash their brilliance, make a much larger global impact, and welcome more success with greater ease.

Sheila discovered a path to certification out of the need to multiply her own upside quickly. She’ll be telling you more about that. Scores and scores of happy coaches have leveraged their impact, income and influence by successfully certifying their methods with Sheila’s proven Program Certification Formula. Sheila is on a mission to empower thousands of enterprising coaches and experts around the world to welcome the freedom and prosperity that program certification provides. To learn more, visit www.programcertificationformula.com

JVSME 028: Q&A on Strategic Alliances with Tom Matzen Part 3

JVSME 028: Q&A on Strategic Alliances with Tom Matzen Part 3


In episode 3 of 3 series, business builder and best-selling author, Tom Matzen comes back and answers your questions on how to create 7 figure strategic alliances using joint venture promotional partners. Plus, he also will give out free templates so you can start creating your joint ventures now.

In this episode:

03:20 – Tom Matzen on the one thing that you should do right now
04:00 – Get the free template from Tom Matzen so you can get into Joint Ventures now
06:00 – What is keeping Tom Matzen busy
09:00 – Tom Matzen on making a promise to your self to get your next deal done in the next 30 days
11:12 – Tom Matzen on building high trust relationships

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

pdf transcription

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JVSME 028 with Tom Matzen 2 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

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Resources mentioned on the podcast:

About Tom Matzen

Tom Matzen has started some 53 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries. As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100’s of radio & TV Stations across North America, sharing the secrets of business success, learned from his business ventures and from his personal interviews with some 124 business leaders. The host of this Master Class leads an emerging global enterprise with a mission to transform the world by empowering entrepreneurs to embrace the new norm in business of doing good and making money at the same time. Founder of the Strategic Alliance Summit, Get It Together Masterminds and the Strategic Philanthropy Global Summit. To learn more, visit http://www.strategicalliancesummit.com/template
JVSME 027: How To Do 7-Figure Strategic Alliances with Tom Matzen Part 2

JVSME 027: How To Do 7-Figure Strategic Alliances with Tom Matzen Part 2


In episode 2 of 3 series, business builder and best-selling author, Tom Matzen continues and shares specific steps on how to do 7 figure strategic alliances using joint venture promotional partners.

In this episode:

03:01 – What actions did Tom Matzen take when he first started with Joint Ventures
04:30 – Tom Matzen on starting with what you can bring to the table
7:00 – On having a triple win
7:30 – Tom Matzen on how building coffee bars changed his life
12:00 – Tom Matzen on his mission to empower entrepreneurs
13:00 – Tom Matzen on why it is important to get Joint Venture partners to promote you and your partner
16:20 – Tom Matzen on 8 specific ways to finding great Joint Venture partners

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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JVSME 027 with Tom Matzen 3 - https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/ -https://www.jvsuccessmadeeasy.com/

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Resources mentioned on the podcast:

About Tom Matzen

Tom Matzen has started some 53 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries. As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100’s of radio & TV Stations across North America, sharing the secrets of business success, learned from his business ventures and from his personal interviews with some 124 business leaders. The host of this Master Class leads an emerging global enterprise with a mission to transform the world by empowering entrepreneurs to embrace the new norm in business of doing good and making money at the same time. Founder of the Strategic Alliance Summit, Get It Together Masterminds and the Strategic Philanthropy Global Summit. To learn more, visit http://www.strategicalliancesummit.com/template