In episode 1 of 3 series, business coach Stephen Gill shares his story and lessons learned from growing his business using joint venture promotional partners.

In this episode:

03:30 – Who is Stephen Gill & why should you listen
04:34 – How he got started in business
07:01 – How he use JV partnerships to grow his business rapidly
11:02 – The top 4 myths/lies people have about Joint Venture partnering
14: 13 – Lessons learned

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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About Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill is the founder of MentureMe Inc., a marketing implementation and coaching company that brings unique and innovative marketing solutions to entrepreneurs globally. With over 15 years of experience, he has been a serial entrepreneur, business innovator and marketing implementation strategist who has successfully helped a select portfolio of micro-enterprises across the globe. Stephen passionately believes entrepreneurship will solve the world’s problems and is determined to support innovative micro-enterprises in making their success attainable through implementing their marketing systems. To learn more, visit