In episode 3 of 3 series, Spiritual Coach, Rachel Archelaus comes back and answers your questions about Joint Venture launches.

In this episode:

03:00 – What were the common objections Rachel encountered during her Joint Venture launches
05:50 – What is the one thing that you can do now to start a Joint Venture launch
07:00 – Rachel answers Annie’s question about how a beginner can start a Joint Venture launch
09:15 – A fitness coach asks if a Joint Venture launch can also help him
11:15 – A question from Lilian: Do I have control of my own list when I am promoting other people’s products
15:00 – Rachel talks about her program and its benefits

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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JVSME 025 with Rachel Archelaus -

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About Rachel Archelaus

RACHEL Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, artist and business mentor. She founded the Intuitive Art Academy, where she teaches people the Archelaus Method of Intuitive Art. This modality allows you to have a two way conversation with your higher self, extending intuition from just a feeling to an entire language. Intuitive Art: Have a Two Way Conversation with your Higher Self is Rachel’s forthcoming book. She has also authored several coloring books designed to connect people with their intuition. She is the cohost of Soulfullpreneur Radio which has hosted guests such as Sonia Choquette, Kyle Cease and Robert Scheinfeld. To learn more, visit