In episode 3 of 3 series, Dr. Alan Chong, the spine coach continues and answers your top questions about getting JV-ready, tools and resources you need as well as how to get started.

In this episode:

02:30 – What are some tools and resources needed to get JV-Ready
05:38 – Why having the ability to track your campaigns is important
07:42 – Recommended resources
11:05 – The Energized Entrepreneur

There’s a process to doing a Joint Venture Launch. Click HERE for coaching.

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Resources mentioned on the podcast:

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Dr. ALAN Chong is The Spine Coach. He transforms successful entrepreneurs suffering from back pain and health issues into Energized Entrepreneurs. His 8-week re-vitalizing online course is a “Business Essential” to eliminate Root causes of Pain, Chronic Stress, and Exhaustion. He’s a practicing chiropractor of almost 30 years, a Health Thought Leader, Speaker and Health Transformer. To learn more, visit